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Leather & Leather Care

Cavesson's Leather & Leather Care

Your Cavesson's leather wallet or bag has been made using only the finest leather, and as with all natural materials, colour variations or marks and changes may occur over time. With use your Cavesson's will develop a lovely patina and colours may darken - this is a mark of quality.

We use full grain English Bridle leather from The English Leather Company in Worcestershire. Bridle leather is a very old traditional vegetable tanned leather that is primarily used in the production of horse bridles and tack but also used for high-end, luxury goods. It is oiled and waxed for water resistance and strength. Being a natural product, it softens and ages gracefully. It also has the most wonderful smell! 

Our premium calf leather is chrome tanned, drum dyed and tumbled which gives it a soft touch and a varying finish from one area of the skin to the other. We are fortunate enough to be using the same leather as some of the most storied luxury fashion houses in Europe.

Cavesson's leather care

For calf leather goods there are a number of products on the market that you can use. Collonil Waterstop Spray achieves optimum water protection preventing the development of water stains, and acts against deeply embedded dirt.  

For Bridle leather products we suggest using hide food which is the same wax and oil that is first applied after the colouring of the Bridle leather. Application of the hide food will keep the leather soft and supple and 'feed' the Bridle leather with the oils/waxes/greases that it was originally tanned with.

Please keep your Cavesson's away from heat and damp and store away carefully when not in use.  Store your bag or wallet in its original packaging and fill bags with stuffing to maintain shape. Always store leather items in cool, dry places and air out periodically to prevent mould. 

Should your Cavesson's come into contact with water, remove any residual moisture with a dry cloth and allow it to dry naturally. Do not be tempted to place on a radiator or in front of a fire!

Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.