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About Cavesson's London

Cavesson's is a British brand with a Mediterranean heart. Born in London, designed in Malta, made in Spain. We're a twenty-first century company, but we're built on decades of tradition, and an entrepreneurial spirit that goes back to 1890s and a family business spanning Europe. 

We bring together fine craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise, offering luxury leather accessories that are timeless, elegant and reassuringly handmade. We are a celebration of national heritage woven into a love story of makers and materials.



The key to Cavesson’s lies in the contrast of English materials and Spanish manufacture. Using the finest bridle leather, craftsmen and women transform the hides into glowing, symmetrical, perfectly formed folds of colour.  Our approach speaks of truth in materials, and the slow, considered, human touch that comes with handmade and hand-finished products.

Our leather goods come in a classic palette - chestnut, walnut, tan, black and blue. Colours that speak of the natural bark that gives vegetable tanned leather it’s special feel and smell. Open them up and you are met by raucous hues: chilli red and sage green, saffron yellow and bright orange. 


These themes of contrast and combination, of English understatement and Mediterranean exuberance, are as much a part of the brand as the individual behind it. This is the Cavesson’s twist, and you’ll find throughout the collection, be it bag, case or wallet.

We make small run handmade leather goods for men and women, and are also able to undertake commissions for private label and bespoke items.