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Cavesson's & Colourplan

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Cavesson's & Colourplan

Colourplan is the ultimate paper to measure a designer by. And in turn it is the paper to measure all other uncoated papers by. In our work as designers, Colourplan has always been something you put in front of a client with a measure of hope. It’s not a cheap paper, but it puts up such a formidable performance on the printing press that the results deliver value beyond measure. It punches way above it’s weight. The  way it creases, embosses, cuts, and prints. The bulk too, is deceptive. It feels so rich between the fingers. Too often, despite the extolment, we would be asked to find a less expensive paper stock. "You know, the budget won’t stretch.” 

So when it came to working on our own brand, we were the perfect client. "Sure, use Colourplan” we agreed. You know it will pay for itself many times over. And that was it. No discussion. No cutting corners.

Our boxes are made by hand in a small factory in Ubrique, not far from where our leather goods are made. When you order a Cavesson’s wallet, card case or purse it’s carefully wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with a Cavesson’s sticker, and placed in one of our bespoke presentation boxes. Whether it’s a treat for yourself, or a gift for someone special, you’ll find Cavesson’s attention to detail a perfect match for the occasion.

Cavesson’s used Amethyst and Lavender Colourplan to produce our packaging. The paper is FSC approved and 100% Virgin ECF Fibre. We use 100gsm weight paper sheets. 

Take a look at it here on the GF Smith site

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