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Learning about leather

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Learning about leather

When I decided to embark on my Cavesson's adventure there was once small problem. I knew very little about leather, or the industry, or anything remotely connected. I knew enough about branding, and design, and a lot about fashion and luxury. I jumped in at the deep end. Obviously. There's no other way. How else do you teach yourself about anything?

You immerse yourself.

For years, I spent every spare moment learning and absorbing. From my first visit to the leather factory to trips to Japan to find out more about their leather traditions, to Europe, meeting leather artisans, trawling through website after website, old books, and a wonderful pilgrimage to Walsall - the home of the English leather industry (sadly past it's prime). 

I took courses, travelled all over London to look at the myriad stores, and sellers. I met and talked to suppliers, and of course other designers. I spent weeks immersed in leather and techniques. I think one of the most important things I learned was to be ready to make mistakes. 

It's all about enjoying the process. Discovering something new. Opening up new ideas. Accepting criticism. Talking. Learning. And in the process, I created a new business.

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