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    Travel in style with our Winterbourne Tote

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      A Colourful Life

      Explore our range of colourful leather goods.

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        Taking Care

        Taking Care

        Bridle leather has a character all of it's own. Learning to take care of it is as much a part of owning a Cavesson's product as choosing one.

        Bespoke Goods

        Bespoke Goods

        Because we make our own leather goods, we're able to help you realise your dream products too. See how you can make your own.

        Blog posts

        • July 01, 2018 Cavesson's & Colourplan
          Cavesson's & Colourplan Colourplan is the ultimate paper to measure a designer by. And in turn it is the paper to measure all other uncoated papers by. In our work as designers, Colourplan has always been something you put in front of a client with a measure of hope.
        • June 01, 2018 All about English Bridle
          All about English Bridle The name refers to the original purpose and use of the leather which was for straps on a horse’s headpiece and reins. As a result, the product name is synonymous with; quality, value and durability. 
        • May 01, 2018 Learning about leather
          Learning about leather When I decided to embark on my Cavesson's adventure there was once small problem. I knew very little about leather, or the industry, or anything remotely connected. I knew enough about branding, and design, and something of fashion and luxury. But not much. So I jumped in at the deep end.
        • April 01, 2018 Putting a Name to a Face
          Putting a Name to a Face Typefaces are everywhere. We tend not to think about them. They melt into the background, working quietly to help communicate an emotion, tell a story or carry a mood. It’s the ultimate in subconscious manipulation. 

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